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excellent management team
the company has an excellent management team, executives rich "innovation, passion, responsibility" of the entrepreneurial spirit, with a strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission, has a strong market consciousness, competition consciousness and the risk consciousness. their unity and cooperation, leading the first human exploration, innovation, and made great achievements, this is also the success of the company a strong core of leadership and guarantee.

powerful talent team
company existing staff nearly people, including managers and professional and technical personnel more than 170 people. the company since its establishment, solidarity and unite a number of far boundless loyalty to the cause of science and technology, enthusiasm, has a high degree of professionalism and dedication of the intermediate and senior management personnel and all kinds of professional and technical personnel, construction of a high-quality, younger talent team, they not only have profound professional knowledge, but also the rich practical experience, is the backbone of the sustained rapid and healthy development of the company and the precious intellectual wealth.

talent concept
the company to become the domestic leading hair products manufacturer for vision; "the courage to play, the core values of teamwork, perseverance, excellence" concept; "service, seeking, innovation, win-win" business philosophy; solid ground to walk step by step. in the company of high speed and high efficiency development, synchronous employees realize personal value, truly embody the "people-oriented" concept of culture.

personnel selection criteria
companies adhere to the integrity principle, the moral character, knowledge, ability and achievement as the main standard to measure the talent, to establish open, competition, preferred orientation, a system of selecting and appointing to outstanding talent, give full play to the. 

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