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hair dry early spring protection
writer:admin release time:[2014-10-20 09:35]

anti-dry raiders

if you want to lose the water back, it is best to use ingredients containing amino acids, such as the moisture shampoo.
a method of combat: pulp used shampoo scalp massage, massage is slightly longer period of time.

reason: the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and help rooting more moisture absorption components.

second method of combat: the use of shampoo after a high degree of moisture conditioner.

reason: the unique material moisture can be attached to the hair surface, providing a protective membrane, the hair of moisture and nutrients required will not be easily lost.

three methods of combat: severely damaged hair, rt-mart to use the best-zhuan or oil for deep care and hair care products.

reason: to repair the effects of deep or xi hu made products, moisture can be deep-fat dry, so as to significantly improve the fork, cracking, fragile and easy to cut, dry, damaged hair.

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