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wo fat products association feelings of the people the earth
writer:admin release time:[2014-10-20 09:36]

wo fat products association feelings of the people the earthquake-stricken area

in the face of unexpected four-chuan wenchuan earthquake, anhui tai-fat products association feelings in the disaster areas, special contributions to the disaster area 10,000 yuan, while contributions to this disaster for the people of the loss is a drop in the bucket, but it represents all the products made wo industry in a gesture of goodwill, we believe that with joint efforts, we have sacrificed love, let us take a positive action to carry forward the chinese nation, "a party in trouble, eight points of the compass support" traditional virtue of donated money and materials to actively participate in to emergency disaster relief to them, caring for the dedication of the masses in the disaster areas, humanitarian work and help the people affected by the earthquake.

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