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add:industy district of the taihe,anhui province,china

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in order to better open up foreign markets and customer service, i regularly invited the secretary-fat products of the factory director and best technical staff for business talks, so that the business continue to improve product awareness and understanding.

carton packaging length, width, height, respectively: 37x40x60cm, has its own standards for products of export packaging, we can based on the need for oem packaging.

on the samples: we are ready to provide customers with the products they are interested in samples, but also the specific requirements of clients in accordance with the production of samples. the express mail postage by the customer, the value of expensive samples we have to sample collection fee.

payment: we accept payment in two ways, first wire; the other is to pay letter of credit. of course, we also accept western union, and other convenient payment options.


address:industy district of the taihe,anhui province,china tel:0558-8667199

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